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Techland has confirmed that Pure Farming 2018 will be ready to release on March 13th 2018, and has also detailed the different versions of the game that will be available with each having different bonuses. Ice Flames and Techland Publishing will soon be releasing what looks to be the next big entry in the farming-simulator genre: Pure Farming 2018. Any enthusiast of Pure Farming 2018 will find something to like here in While our team and farming game genre enthusiasts patiently wait for Pure Farming 2018 mods - you can enjoy all of the latest news and get the most recent and fresh information + news about the upcoming game. Developed by Iceflames and published by Techland Publishing, Pure Farming 2018 will see you head back into the farm to grow your crops and live your life out as a farmer, and in the trailer released today, you can see some of the different locations that you`ll be able to take your skills to, and a load of other things. Pure Farming 2018 (no affiliation; just a luck naming coincidence) is licensing the brands of real farm machinery companies to include in its games. We may be reaching the end of summer, autumn may be fast approaching and then the winter will be taking hold, but in Techland's world there is only one time of year worth worrying about - Pure Farming 2018 release time - and come 2018 that time will arrive. After doing some research behind the question, "Why do farmers love to do what they do?," Techland has created Pure Farming 2018 with all the aspects that anybody with a true passion for the green thumb could ask for! Pure Farming 2018 is a simulation game offering a complete and realistic farming experience. In addition to the various items that players can farm, Pure Farming 2018 will feature a number of exclusively licensed machines from leading companies like Lindner and Gomselmash as pre-order bonuses. Originally Titled Pure Farming 17: The Simulator the game was delayed until 2018 and appropriately renamed. Techland Publishing, publisher of Torment: Tides of Numenera, has just announced its new farming simulator called Pure Farming 2018, which is coming to the PlayStation 4 and other platforms in early 2018. Visit the official Pure Farming 2018 Facebook and Twitter pages, as well as the game's official Website to stay up to date with all upcoming farming announcements. 25, 2018 - Wroclaw, Poland Techland Publishing and Ice Flames have released a brand new Pure Farming 2018 trailer, entitled Best Things Come in Threes” showcasing the Pure Farming 2018's three unique game modes tailored for different preferred playstyles. In Pure Farming 2018, players will use the most technologically advanced agricultural machines to manage all aspects of modern farming. Pure Farming 2018 will hit PC, PS4 and Xbox One come March 13th, 2018. So in the battle between Pure Farming 17 and Farming Simulator 17, there has to be a winner, and I genuinely think that from the previews I experienced, Pure Farming 17 could be the one for me. The level of depth within the game is enormous and I just can't wait to explore, in comparison Farming Simulator is just sitting back sucking its thumb holding a log and hoping mods are enough to keep people glued to the game. Already, I'm invested in this game, but there's so much more that Pure Farming 17: The Simulator has to offer, this includes the Scenario mode, a sort of challenge-based mode where players are offered one hour to complete a certain task, whether it's providing a school with milk, but they don't own a single cow, or producing a certain amount of energy with two different energy sources. Techland are going to town with Pure Farming 17. Whereas Farming Simulator 17 is largely a sandbox title, Pure Farming 17 offers a full-on campaign mode which has players taking the role of someone who has just inherited a farm from their parents, and has no clue what to do. Throughout the campaign players will expand their farming empire and also branch out to other locations which can only be unlocked through this mode. This year however, Techland Publishing have thrown a curve ball into the Farming Sim game with Pure Farming 17: The Simulator As a direct competitor to Giants' Farming Simulator, I was eager to see both of these games at Gamescom, so early Friday morning, I set out to do just that. Techland Publishing is proud to announce it's bringing to life its own farming simulation game with Pure Farming 17: The Simulator. For those players who want access to all the pre-order bonuses there is the Pure Farming 2018: Digital Deluxe Edition which will include licensed machinery from Lindner, Gomselmash, and Landini, the Bavarian map and special outfits for your in-game character. Pure Farming 2018 is due for release on PS4, Xbox One and PC on March 13, 2018. Techland Publishing Reveals Pure Farming 2018 with Fresh Gameplay Trailer. Pure Farming 2018 releases on PC, Xbox One, and PlayStation 4 on March 13. Pure Farming 2018 will be released globally on PC, PS 4, and Xbox One on March 13th 2018. Pure Farming 2018 is scheduled for a March 13, 2018, release for Xbox One , PC, and PlayStation 4, and my inner farm is looking forward to it. Techland Publishing and developer Ice Flames have released a new trailer for Pure Farming 2018, revealing the game's three modes. Pure Farming 2018 for Xbox and PC threatens your farm with locusts, fires, and droughts. In Pure Farming 2018, our three distinct game modes offer something for everyone - whether you're an experienced player of farming games or you're getting your hands dirty for the first time. This item:Pure Farming 2018 - Xbox One by Techland Xbox One $39.99.
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